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In most jurisdictions, a corporation or LLC must pay taxes, file an annual report, or hold a corporate meeting of some kind at least once per year. So, what happens when a corporation or LLC stops doing business?

Articles of Dissolution and other required documents MUST be filed with the state office. Failure to file appropriate documentation may result in taxes, penalties, and other fees for every day the company continues in existence...even if you've stopped doing business.

Closing a Business F.A.Q.

  • Question: How do I Dissolve a corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company)?

    Answer: Dissolving a corporation or LLC requires a legal filing. The “Articles of Dissolution” or “Certificate of Termination” is generally the document that must be filed with the Office of the Secretary of State within the state where the corporation or LLC company is formed.

  • Question: What if my company is not in Good Standing or owes back taxes?

    Answer: Depending on your company's state of formation, the state will, in most cases, require the company to return to good standing before they allow the company to be dissolved.

Dissolve a Corporation or LLC: $99 Plus state fees & taxes.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, Taxrole™ will refund 100% of our service fee to you. Please remember, while our staff is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field of corporate filings, we are not acting as your attorney and cannot provide you with legal advice.

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Standard: 2-4 weeks
Rush: 1-2 weeks (additional fees apply)

*Service fees shown above DO NOT include Shipping & Handling; Additional state fees may apply and will be quoted upon order confirmation. Prices subject to change without notice.