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Job Summary

Taxrole is seeking a new law clerk to assist in monitoring client transactions as to services offered by taxrole. The law clerk will conduct research into issues pertaining to ancillary business activities of TaxRole’s clients including initial matters such as forming a business, trademark matters, and other information technology services. The law clerk will also assist the principal in conducting day-to-day activities of the firm including client correspondence, business development, and other activities as they transpire. This position requires an understanding and familiarity with the current market trends so as to better assist clients and this position also requires a background in cyberspace/cybersecurity matters. The law clerk will assist the principal in maintaining compliance as to cyberspace/cybersecurity matters.

Taxrole is also in its initial development phase for adding services related to other intellectual property matters including Trademarks, patents, & copyrights. Thus, it is required the law clerk has a background in intellectual property. This can be demonstrated by an interest/direct work experience in the field. The candidate should be able to understand the mechanics of the business intimately and be able to assist and develop the business of the principal on their own initiative. If Juris Doctor, the candidate may become a counsel to the firm once he/she completes all requirements necessary to complete the same.The candidate should have all generally sought after skills including time management, organization, and attention to detail.

Primary Job Responsibilities

(1) Monitor client activities with regards to form filling matters on the website.

(2) Perform legal and general research as needed and assist the principal.

(3) Proactively conduct market research and generate reports to understand client needs.

(4) Identify features and/or functionalities a client may want added on the website and correspond with the relevant personnel since inception to end.

(5) Proactively seek business opportunities relevant to the legal market and conceive and see to fruition as to relevant feature/functionality’s adoption on the website.

(6) Be willing to travel as needed by the principal including assisting in client engagements, presentations, and other like activities.

(7) Create specific point sheets and create presentations, and thereby assist principal in performing presentations to clients as needed.

(8) Other duties as needed.

Job Qualifications

- Bachelors Degree (Engineering, IT or Computer science) or a degree involving advanced analytical skills.

- Juris Doctor or other similar advanced degree like MBA, MS in Intellectual Property (Juris Doctor greatly preferred)

Taxrole is an equal opportunity employer.

Please email your resume to info@taxrole.com

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