How to Incorporate a Business

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How to Incorporate a Business

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If you're the “do-it-yourself” type, here's a checklist for how to incorporate yourself. Incorporating yourself is possible, but it can be time-consuming.

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1.  Name Check

Contact the appropriate state agency and perform a corporate name search to ensure your desired business name is available for use as a corporation or LLC. Note: The rules and regulations vary. Certain words like “Inc.” or “corp.” may be required. Other words like “Bank” or “Insurance” may be prohibited without special consent.

2.  Draft Articles of Incorporation

Most states refer to the formation document as the “Articles of Incorporation” or “Certificate of Incorporation.” In an LLC, the document may be called “Articles of Organization” or “Certificate of Organization.” Nonetheless, this document must contain at least the minimum requirements as described by state law before it can be successfully filed.

3.  Incorporator executed Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of incorporation must be executed by a person designated as “incorporator.” The incorporator must be an adult. This person need not be affiliated with the corporation in any way other than he or she is merely filing the document. Later, this person will pass a resolution assigning all rights and duties to the board of directors.

4.  Submit documents for filing

In most states, the agency responsible for corporate filings is the Secretary of State (usually the Corporations Division). Each state has its own rules regarding the paper size, font size, number of copies, ink color, etc... regarding filings. To learn more about your state, visit our secretary of state pages.

5.  Standard Processing (up to 3 months) vs. RUSH Filings (as fast as 1 hour)

Depending on the state and its current workload, processing time may vary from 1 day to 3 months. See our RUSH options if you'd like us to RUSH your file in for processing. Some states require that rush files be processed via walk-in delivery. Taxrole has a courier in EVERY STATE who is ready to run down to the state office at a moment's notice.

6.  Receive your certified documents

Once the state office has processed your documents, the state will return them to the address provided.

7.  Elect a Board of Directors

The Incorporator executes a corporate resolution electing a board of directors assigning all rights and duties to the board.

8.  Issue Shares

The Board of Directors, in exchange for consideration issues shares to designated shareholders.